Get to know SaveFarm®

User-friendly operation

With the touchscreen graphic interface installed in the sprayer cab, it is possible to set parameters, monitor the application process and receive diagnostics.

LED lighting

It can be used at any time of the day or night.
horário do dia ou da noite.

Utilização de câmeras e inteligência artificial.

ISOBUS nozzle-to-nozzle shutdown

Sustainable application, reducing water and fuel consumption.

Effective weed control

Can be installed on any sprayer model regardless of brand or size.

Operating modes

Learn about the 4 operating modes of the SaveFarm system.

Selective spraying

The system scans the soil, detects the presence of plants, activates the jet only on top of the plant and turns the jet off again.

Green on green

Green on green The artificial intelligence embedded in SaveFarm® is able to identify weeds even in the midst of already emerged crop plants, applying the product only to the desired target.

Minimum rate

Because it has PWM valves, the system makes it possible to apply pesticides at different application rates. In a total area, it is possible to apply a partial dose of the products (minimum rate) and when target plants are present, the jets are activated with a higher dose.

Total Area

Used for total area spraying, you can choose to use PWM technology for pressure compensation, maintaining droplet uniformity, or use the machine's original spray control system.

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